Precision Parts from India

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Why India?


Globalization, the emergence of new emergent countries and the development of technological innovations have recently modified the economic scene.

Therefore, to be strong in the free play of competition, firms must react!

Many firms already subcontract a part of their production in:

Eastern Europe that still an interesting destination for Europe due to short deliveries but wages are quickly increasing
China: the production over there is important but many problems related to copyright and language barrier are remaining

Moreover the political system in place does not encourage long-standing business dealings
India has opened to the West since 1991 and has many appeals: the importations of engineering parts are duty- free; wages remain low;

English is spoken in the business world. Furthermore, the political system is propitious for business.
Moreover, the Indian middle class explodes; it is young and turned towards the West. Therefore the commercial opportunities are developing.
Considering these assets India shall become a major economic power in the coming years. Any company willing to globalize must look toward

India: whether it is to sell its products, to subcontract or just by industrial curiosity.